Marshall's Dinner Plates


Sandwich Plate

Po Boy Plate

Slider Plate

Rib Sandwich Plate

Rib Dinner

Rib Feast (1 Whole Rack)

1 Meat Dinner (6oz)

¼ Chicken Dinner

½ Chicken Dinner

Combo Plate (8oz)

Sampler Plate (12oz)

Big Tex (16oz)

Kids Meal


Senior Plates

Mae West (4oz.)

John Wayne (3 Ribs)



Pint - Quart - Gallon

Souvenir Bottle


Pound for Pound The Best

Beef Brisket - Sausage - Pulled Chicken Turkey - Ham - Pulled Pork - Ribs

½ Chicken - Whole Chicken


Sides Made with Love

Potato Salad - Cole Slaw - BBQ Beans

Green Beans - Pinto Beans - Fried Okra

Corn on the Cob - Butter Beans

Macaroni Salad - Carrot & Raisin Salad Fruit Salad  - Garden Salad

Sandwiches & So On

Bar-B-Q Sandwich

Sandwich Basket Served with Fries or Okra

Po Boy Sandwich

Po Boy Basket Served with Fries or Okra

Brisket Tacos (2 or 3)


Rib Sandwich

Loaded Baked Potato

Loaded Baked Potato w/ Meat


Bring it Home

Family Pack - Feeds 3-4

Super Family Pack - Feeds 6-8

Trail Boss Family Pack - Feeds 10-12

Homemade Dessert

Famous Peach Cobbler

Banana Pudding - Fried Apple Pie



Take All the Credit

Whole Brisket - Whole Turkey Breast

Half Turkey Breast

Whole Ham - Half Ham



Texas Gumbo

Cup - Bowl - Quart - Gallon

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